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The Consumer Awareness Organisation by its activities ensures that consumers are not short-changed in matters relating to products and services.

It is believed that if consumers were made aware of their rights, they would be well-positioned to seek redress which in turn would compel providers of products and services to strive to attain excellence.
consumers are encouraged to perform their own part of a bargain in order to create the legal basis for a claim. For instance, a consumer must be up- to- date with the payment of his bills before he can qualify to make a claim against a service provider.
Awareness raising activities to suppliers of products and services to make them conscious of their obligations under the law.
Reviewing consumer protection laws, mounting public enlightenment campaigns in the press and broadcast media, engaging in consumer advisory services, resolution of consumer complaints, community outreach and citizens’ empowerment programmes.
Publishing of Consumer Journal, a multi-disciplinary journal which addresses diverse issues of consumer concerns.
Consumer Awareness Organisation network with other national and international consumer organisations, workshops, research and documentation. We share views with many consumer activists across the globe because we believe that consumer rights are human rights and so should be protected.