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As the world passes through this trying period of Coronavirus, globally referred to as COVID 19, it is important for consumers to contribute in any way possible to curb the spread of the disease. Nigeria has joined the international community to fight the menace by instituting measures to combat the spread.

As consumers, we should help to disseminate the guidelines put in place by relevant authorities particularly, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). These bodies have issued life-saving guidelines to help to curtail the spread of the virus. As consumers, we must adhere to every directive issued by the health authorities.

By way of self-evaluation of the level of personal responsibility assumed to protect yourself, family and humanity from the virus, please answer the following questions and score yourself:

1.      Do you observe the stay at home order issued by the government?


a.       Yes                    b.     No


2.      Do you wash your hands regularly under running water?


a.       Yes                    b.     No


3.      Do you observe social distancing?


a.       Yes                    b.     No


4.      Do you avoid crowded events?


a.       Yes                    b.     No


5.      Give sincere information to health professionals about your travel history?


a.       Yes                    b.     No


6.      Have you had a close contact with any COVID patient?


a.       Yes                    b.     No


7.      If yes, have you given information on this to the health authorities?


a.       Yes                    b.     No

We must help the government and NCDC to help us.Please see the website of NCDC ( and be guided accordingly.


NCDC Toll Free Number: 0800 9700 0010

WhatsApp: +234 708 711 0839

SMS Number: +234 809 955 5577

Call: +234 703 670 8970


Be a prudent consumer, observe all safety guidelines.